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Introduction to Resin Jewellery


Synergy Studios
101 Central Promenade BT330HH Newcastle England
In the morning explore and forage on the beach and in the local woods for inspiration. Collect small objects, plants and leaves that will inspire design and content; or sketch, draw and photograph the environment and landscapes around you. In the afternoon dry and press small flowers and leaves using a microwave technique and design your pieces using images and painting. You will then learn the techniques of using resin to create your own jewellery and keepsakes. If you already have some, you can bring small found or foraged items to use; such as leaves, pressed flowers and grasses to create your own personal keepsake.
You will learn different types of resin and how to use them safely, measuring and mixing resin, and how to add insertions like petals, sand, charms or other objects into your jewellery.